Two new albums!

First of all, I am proud to announce that my next album ‘Hexenzirkel’ is to be released via Trepanation Recordings June 25 2021. Very happy to be working with them again and am enormously excited for you all to hear what I have been up to musically. I have once more worked with Bryan Ramage […]

I’ve got albums coming out my arse…

My last album Unrelaxed 2 came out earlier this year on Trepanation Recordings, it’s something I am enormously proud of and it’s had great reviews so far. I didn’t plan on doing any more solo work until the second Tommy Concrete and the Werewolves album was finished, but all those plans just went in a […]

I need to stop dreaming about Marillion….

Last night I dreamt the world was in an advanced state of decay, way more than it actually is in our present reality. I was barely surviving in a zombie dominated wasteland, a scenario well documented in many films, games and novels. This particular apocalypse was not that different to the popular depiction. I spent […]

New website at last

I thought it was high time to get my shit together and sort my website situation out. At the moment I have three blogs, all covering different aspects of my interests and all of them totally out of date. It’s taken me an age to do this as the main issue with being a solo […]


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About Me

I’m Tommy Concrete…. a lapsed black belt, multi instrumentalist, actually autistic, author, werewolf cat daddy. I do loads of stuff…. it’s all on here somewhere. Cheers!

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