New website at last

I thought it was high time to get my shit together and sort my website situation out. At the moment I have three blogs, all covering different aspects of my interests and all of them totally out of date.

It’s taken me an age to do this as the main issue with being a solo artist is it’s just me and quite frankly I have been too busy making albums and playing gigs to have the time.

But due to the global pandemic, I am finding myself with that extra time to get some of the wee jobs dealt with. Hence this new site.

Although there is still tonnes of work to do, I have just finished the guitars for what will become my eighth album. It’s been an amazing process so far and I felt I should get this together so I can document further developments of the process as they develop.

As I have also shut down my other blogs, namely Howling Invocations which was my webzine and Concrete Ju-Jitsu which was my martial arts resource, I will be including appropriate content on this one. So I intend to keep reviewing and interviewing bands, as well as the odd divisive article on martial arts.

Another factor that has become very important to me and has been heavily evidenced lyrically in my last two albums is neuro-diversity. I fully intend to feature content on this subject here as well.

That’s all for now,

Stay Strong and Clear!

Tommy Concrete.

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