I’ve got albums coming out my arse…

My last album Unrelaxed 2 came out earlier this year on Trepanation Recordings, it’s something I am enormously proud of and it’s had great reviews so far. I didn’t plan on doing any more solo work until the second Tommy Concrete and the Werewolves album was finished, but all those plans just went in a Covid-19 shaped bin…. Back in January we had started working on new TCATWW songs and had a whole album demoed and three songs finished as a band. Just as we were about to get fired into the rehearsal room Covid-19 hit and everything went into lockdown. Which meant that I started work on a new solo album instead. This album is 90% recorded, fast work, but I have had three months with nothing better to do so it got done. All I have to do is finish off vocals and get it mixed, however I am at the mercy of waiting until Ramage Productions opens its doors again after lockdown, that’s not going to be for a while yet and seeing as I am still on a roll I figured I would start another album in the meantime. Yeah so instead of keeping it simple and getting the new TCATWW album and focusing on that, I am now working on three albums simultaneously….. Not to mention a special one off collaboration single with a very surprising chappie indeed, more of that later though. Thing is, I just can’t stop being creative, it wouldbe easier to give up breathing, or shitting… So the real question is when will I finish my second novel? Ahhhhggg!

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