Two new albums!

First of all, I am proud to announce that my next album ‘Hexenzirkel’ is to be released via Trepanation Recordings June 25 2021. Very happy to be working with them again and am enormously excited for you all to hear what I have been up to musically. I have once more worked with Bryan Ramage in the studio and Disco Beast as cover artist. Musically it’s an epic with six tracks clocking in at a total of seventy three minutes. So it’s bound to fail to impress the Artificial Intelligence attention span of streaming algorithms across the internet. I am however, pretty sure it will impress and invigorate those of you who are already fans of my music and currently in possession of an organic brain, equipped with a desire to be challenged musically.

I don’t want to spill too much about Hexenzirkel just yet, as there is plenty to reveal. However, I am very pleased to announce that in continuation of her vocal performance on Navigating Hell from my last album Unrelaxed 2… That Laura Gilchrist of the incredible King Witch has recorded vocals for three tracks. There are five more guest vocalists on Hexenzirkel, but I think they can just remain secret right now…

Hexenzirkel is a huge musical project. Easily the most complex and diverse album I have ever been a part of. It was largely recorded in the infamous first Covid-19 lockdown of 2020. A period in time where most of us experienced a surplus of spare time. For some it was a nightmare. For autistic musicians with home studios like myself, it was the perfect time to thrive creatively. So a vast album was realised. By July, all the music and my vocals were done. All that was left was to organise and record the vocal contributions of the various guests. This has not been easy whatsoever, with social distancing and various lock down measures making the process extremely difficult.

Hexenzirkel will be released via Trepanation Recordings June 25 2021 a date miles away in the future…. So far in fact that September 2020 I decided I needed to do an inbetween album. So yeah, in the complete opposite vibe to Hexenzirkel I created a six track 46 minute simple (in comparison) opus entitled Orc Mage. There were many reasons for the creation of Orc Mage, but the main one was that 2020 has been such an absolutely weird fucking year that I really wanted to end it with an album created within the maelstrom of pandemic! It’s also not quite so dark and serious lyrically as my recent (and forthcoming) music. It’s a bit more escapist, no shit, it’s called fucking Orc Mage!

It actually started when Vic Victory of Sexy Orcs fame elected himself to paint me some Orc based art… this developed from there into the album soon to be released (it’s uploading to bandcamp as I type) Vic also provides lead vocals to the track Marked For Death – Axial Command….

Okay, so watch this space…. if you dig my shit, there is loads on the way!!

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