I am Tommy Concrete

“Tommy Concrete’s Unrelaxed is one of the highlight albums of the year for me, just a stunning piece of work from a man who really shines on this album.” — Moshville Times”Be prepared for an adventure if you want to try this.” –Hard Rock Info

A hardened stalwart of the UK’s metal and punk scenes, Edinburgh multi-instrumentalist Tommy Concrete is excited to announce the release his upcoming album, Unrelaxed 2, through UK label Trepanation Recordings. Concrete’s seventh full-length offering will hit the streets on February 28th, 2020 in digital and CD formats. Produced by Bryan Ramage and featuring King Witch’s Laura Gilchrist on guest vocals, this ambitious work of progressive blackened doom deals with neurodiversity, ableism, and mental health empowerment.Concrete, who has played guitar for legendary UK punks The Exploited and instrumental doom band Jackal-Headed Guard of the Dead, as well as providing vocals for infamous metallers Man of the Hour and creating harsh industrial under the pseudonym Zaceus Zinetti, began releasing metal under his own name in 2001. Since then, he has put out six full-length albums and two EPs, with 2018’s LP Unrelaxed being named Album of the Year by Moshville Times. Concrete says, “Mental health, addiction, and altered states have been themes that run through my entire discography. However, since Unrelaxed I have focused the tone and I aim to advocate against ableism, to promote recovery, and to destigmatize mental health issues.”His most recent EP Trauma (May 2019) is unrelenting, from the frenzied chromatic riffs and blast beats of “Dipolodocus” to the edgy groove of “Trauma” and the hardcore punk ethos of “You’ve Not Lost If You’ve Endured.” Concrete has also released a video for the title track with the help of videographer Adam Holt, an exploration of the alienation that comes with PTSD.Concrete is now on his way to putting out his seventh LP: Unrelaxed 2, slated for early an 2020 release through Trepanation Recordings. The album is a forceful statement in support of neurodiverse individuals and deals with Concrete’s own diagnosis as autistic in 2015. Says Concrete, “It was apparent to me that I had been suffering, not from being autistic, but from internalised ableism that had been surrounding me my entire life. I became empowered by the movement and ultimately politicised as an individual and an artist.” Through his music and activism, Concrete turns what could be a stigma into a defiant perspective.As one critic put it, “‘Concrete’ is a great codename to describe Tommy’s career: solid, consistent, and incredibly heavy.”Tommy Concrete Discography

  • Ibrahim and the Beautiful Mermaid — LP, 2001 (dark / electronic / acoustic)
  • We Have Bift Off — LP, 2002 (trip hop / industrial / metal)
  • The Wizards Bones — LP, 2006 (doom / psychedelic rock)
  • Trawler Tales — EP, 2014 (psychedelic punk rock)
  • The Necromancer — LP, 2016 (extreme metal / industrial)
  • Emperor of the Moon — LP, 2017 (psychedelic progressive rock)
  • Unrelaxed — LP, 2018 (progressive extreme metal)
  • Trauma — EP, 2019 (progressive extreme metal)
  • Unrelaxed 2 — LP, 2020 (progressive blackend doom)